Chengdu Qing yang’s “panda course” Little ambassadors of Tianfu culture come to Hong Kong

Recently, nearly 100 students from Chengdu Qing yang area, as the little emissaries of Tianfu culture, launched a five-day exchange activity in Hong Kong, exchanging culture and education with friends......

FORM:成都教育局 publish time:2018-11-22 12-00

2018 "Chinese Bridge - French Education Delegation visiting Chengdu Schools"


From October 31st to November 4th, 2018, the "Chinese Bridge - French Education Delegation" activities which organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the National Hanban Organizati......

FORM:成都教育局 publish time:2018-11-21 12-00

2018 Dujiangyan International forum begin

 2018 Dujiangyan International forum begin

The 2018 dujiangyan international forum began in Chengdu on Aug 30, which hosted by the national committee of UNESCO, the people's government of Chengdu and the UNESCO education institute of infor......

FORM:成都市教育局 publish time:2018-09-01 12-00

In 2018, overseas Chinese youth

On July 13, Sichuan Camp, a summer camp for overseas Chinese teenagers "China Root Search Tour" sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Office of the State Council, opened in Xindu No. 1 Middle Sc......

FORM:成都教育局 publish time:2018-08-01 12-00

Education BBS will be held in 2018

                            On May 18, by the people's government of chengdu, Chi......

FORM:成都教育局 publish time:2018-05-22 12-00

?2018 Chengdu Sino-US k-12 education symposium is held in Chengdu

?2018 Chengdu Sino-US k-12 education symposium is held in Chengdu

   In March 21st, sponsored by Chengdu Education Bureau, the 2018 Chengdu Sino-US k-12 education symposium was held in Chengdu. More than 200 Chinese and American outstanding principals......

FORM:成都教育 publish time:2018-04-02 12-00



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